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Winslow War Stories

The Denver Executive

Eric Samuelson debriefed the profile of a senior manager in the Denver, Colorado state government. Eric learned in advance that this gentleman seriously objected to his Composure score.  When they met, the man’s first comment was, “Nobody that knows me would believe that I’m a one in Composure. I’m not as temperamental as this score would indicate.”  But Winslow Consultants are taught to look deeper…

The Wild Child

Eric Samuelson received a phone call from a general sales manager at an auto dealership in Maryland. The manager was surprised that one of his top salesman had scored poorly on the Winslow Profile. After a few minutes of conversation, it was discovered that the salesman’s personal life was ‘externally motivating’ his professional success, and Eric predicted he was headed for disaster…

War Stories – Legacy

The 5-Foot Trophy

War Stories – Audio