Winslow Assessment Basics

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This workshop describes the 24 personality traits measured by the Winslow Profile, and the likely behaviors associated with each of them. We also describe the unique Winslow Position Analysis and the ways to extract maximum value from the various Reports we produce.

Key concepts covered include:

  • The Integrity of the Winslow Assessment
  • The 24 Winslow Personality Traits
  • The Importance of Validity
  • The Power of the Position Analysis
  • The Winslow Reports

Over 40 years ago the Winslow Research Institute designed a powerful psychometric instrument measuring 24 human personality traits. Thousands of clients have used this profile for hiring, coaching, promotion decisions, and overall staff development. Many individuals have used it personally for self-improvement and career planning. This workshop provides deep understanding of all 24 traits and their interconnections, as well as the various reports we provide.

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